Going on a Picnic

December 28, 2015 Uncategorized

I love the look of old mid century metal picnic baskets. They are functional, colorful and evoke a feeling of warm sunshine and lazy afternoons. These picnic baskets come in a myriad of different designs and patterns, some have an allover pattern and others are very graphic.

vintage picnic1

classic pic classic 2 vintage basket4

The first time I saw Cotton and Steel’s fabric collection “Picnic” at Alewive’s, http://www.alewivesfabrics.com a local quilt store, my brain lit up. The design possibilities seemed endless so I hurried home with a bunch of fat quarters to try my hand at a picnic basket block.


I wanted to make the basket blocks life size. After playing around with graph paper and measuring the images in the fabric an 18” x 24” size block emerged, perfect for a table topper or mini quilt. After playing around with different possibilities, an entire picnic theme quilt emerged. The Classic, Little Squares and Argyle Baskets were the first 3 blocks designed for the quilt.

lsb FullSizeRender (2) argyle

Playing around with the handles and tops of the baskets resulted in the baskets being filled with fruit and flowers.

picnic basket2

flowerbasket fruitbasket cover

After thinking about the other things you see on a picnic a vintage thermos seemed like the perfect thing to emerge from a tin basket!

argyle thermos vintage thermos Version 2

Popular glassware from the 50’s includes Jadeite and I have been collecting this beautiful green glass for many years. A pitcher and glasses block with a plate of cookies seemed like a perfect fit and a bowl of flowers on the blanket repeats the flower motif from the flower basket block.

picher pic dishes IMG_5137IMG_5149

The last block designed for the Picnic Quilt is Go Fly a Kite. The idea for this block was inspired after I saw kites being flown on a trip to the beach. When this block is repeated and flipped the tails give the kite design movement.



The nine blocks in this quilt can be combined to make a perfect picnic quilt or the various blocks can be repeated or combined in different combinations to make smaller quilts. The design possibilities are endless.

PITCHERquilt thermos:basket quilt 9:29picnic copy

So lets go on a picnic and fly a kite!