January 1, 2016 Journal

flocked pics

FLOCKED – Traditional elements are combined with an original modern block!

One of my favorite traditional blocks is the Irish Chain Block. Historians of quilt blocks have dated this pattern back to the 1700’s and the popularity has never waned. Stunning examples can be found throughout the 1800’s till today. many examples can be found in the civil war era. Irish chain blocks can be single, double or triple as seen in Flocked. The traditional Irish Chain left big blocks of negative space where the quilter could show off her quilting motifs and skills as a quilter.

qcirishchain earlyirishchain qccroprishchain

It seemed to me that a modern variation of an Irish chain quilt should be paired with an original block that also had traditional elements but would also kick it up a notch into a modern look.  The Irish chain blocks in Flocked all have a bright pink center square. The block then shows off a black and white clown check and a neutral gray, all of these squares pop out of the milky white solid background fabric.

The alternating block that complements the Irish chain in this quilt is an original design that combines elements traditional pinwheels and flying geese designs. The fabric choices are anything but traditional. A pink cross goes right through the middle of the block and a colorful border holds it all together.


Using Cotton and Steel Basics, each one of these alternate blocks uses a different color way for the pinwheel and border but the pink crosses are consistent in each. The flying geese in a neutral gray and a popping black and white clown check make a secondary diagonal pattern across the quilt which complements the Irish chain design and its diagonal pattern.flocked3

The quilt was quilted in an allover loop design which enhances the strong elements of this design. The black and white check is repeated in the binding. Fresh and fun this design looks great on a vintage iron metal bed!

correct flocked cover copy